Monday, January 4, 2010

Spring semester is almost upon us...

Blogging has been light for the past few weeks because of the holidays. But now that the spring semester is almost here, its time to get back to it.

Right now in Atlanta the American Finance Association is having its annual meeting. I'm not attending this year, but the meetings have gotten a fair amount of media attention because they also include the American Economics Association.

The Wall Street Journal discusses why the meetings are held in early January, frequently in a location that is cold. Turns out, economists are cheap. However, economists do have a sense of humor. Well at least they have a "humor session". HT: Greg Maknkiw

Finally, my colleague, Craig Newmark posts a link in which a journalist asks "why do we still pay attention to economists?" In Craig's usual style he makes short order of the journalist, but I think the best come back comes from a commenter who says "I'm pretty amazed, given the past 30 years or so, that anyone is still paying attention to journalists."