Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"I don't consider the bloody ROI" ...

... said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

First I find it amusing that the word "bloody" - a great staple of the English language in its native country  - is making its way into the mainstream lexicon in the USA.  But for it to be really effective, I recommend combining it with "hell" from time to time.

But back to Mr. Cook.  Mr Cook was being questioned on the Apple's CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies by a conservative "think tank" (the National Center for Public Policy Research).  Mr Cook didn't appreciate the line of questioning - hence the money quote in the title of this blog post.

I think Aswath Damodaran frames the issue quite well.  There is plenty of evidence that CSR policies can create shareholder value when conducted in a careful and thoughtful manner.  But responding as he did, Mr Cook gave the NCPPR a great sound bite that ends up making Apple look bad.  That said, the alternative reality that the NCPPR occupies is so devoid of any understanding of science that I can understand why Mr. Cook was so exasperated.