Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elmer for NC Treasurer.

A good friend of mine, Ron Elmer, is running for North Carolina State Treasurer.  Ron's platform is pretty straightforward - he believes that the $75 billion state pension fund should be run by someone with who is an investment expert.  Ron is an experienced money manager, who, like me, believes that the key to amassing wealth is to minimize the fees that are paid to active managers.  This is true for an individual 401K and also for a multi-billion dollar pension fund.

I'm helping Ron with his campaign.  I'll be using my blog to share some of his ideas as we get closer to the primary date in May.  In the meantime, if you like, you can check out his website and also "like" his facebook page.

He's also on twitter @relmbo

If you're interested in helping with the campaign - there's an email link on the website - or send him a message in facebook.


As a final note: This blog is my own personal blog and is not endorsed by NCSU.  Blog postings regarding the Elmer for Treasurer campaign are done outside of my work as a Professor at NCSU and are on my own personal time.